January 31, 2012


January 31, 2012

There should be a few new ASP-C sensors out this year, and I was curious as to whether the pixel density is following an exponential or geometric curve. As I'm a student of the scientific method, I thought I'd get some data and have a look. That is the figure below.

ASP-C Sensor Megapixels

I will note that the exponential (exp.) and geometric (geo.) curves in the above figure are just drawn there, there was no fitting done. There are, of course, lots of ways to draw these curves, I just did what looked best to me in November and December of 2011. It looks like the issue is already somewhat resolved with the latest data points. It wasn't so clear a few months ago when I first made the figure. The data was sourced from the Canon, Nikon and Sony camera pages on wikipedia.

Also, I'm staying out of the argument of if these pixels are needed or not. I won't be upgrading my DSLR body for some time.