July 20, 2012

Le Caravane

July 20, 2012

Le Tour is nearing the finish, it's looking good for the Brits this time, the first time for them in tour history. There are lots of pictures of the cyclists around, but I didn't find as many of the publicite caravane.

Before the lead riders and peloton come by, there is a parade to warm up the crowd. They really know how to get everyone excited, they pass out lots of water and party favors. There is entertainment and more water. Did I mention that they give out water and spray the crowd down with a fine mist of water?

I don't feature any pictures of water today, but there are lots of pictures of the caravane.

I have another theme for a post tomorrow. Today's pics are a selection of the more fun ones that I saw. I'm trying to get most of these processed before the tour finishes, I probably won't be able to revisit them until later this winter. I'm expecting a very busy fall, both with work and with lots of other photographic opportunities.

That's not quite right, the yellow and green on the Le Coq Sportif van didn't look so faded before I exported it! I'll have to figure that out.

I suppose its not so difficult to get good shots in a situation like this, there was tons of color and lots of action! I had a great time taking all of these pictures!

These are all from last Wednesday, stage 10 of the tour.