July 23, 2012


July 23, 2012

A few things completed yesterday, came full circle.

We saw that the donkeys next door had two new foals, a dark one and a light one, a prefect matched set for their mothers.

We saw the cows across the rue come in for the night, and the bull make a display (pictured above). The herd had two calves also, a very new one and one a couple of months old. We've seen the cows go out a few times, but had never seen them come in. It was a good show, the fermier encourages his dog to go (a lot of 'Allez! Allez!'-ing) and he rounds them up to come in. Of course, they mostly know the drill and already the leader is coming in when she sees him. The fermier uses his staff a little, mostly display, to keep the cows in order and on the move.

The horses also had a foal. Normally there are three, but yesterday only one horse and one baby.

We had been wondering where all the animals had gone lately. They have been reshuffled for calving time.