May 12, 2012


May 12, 2012


Ornex, France, 2012

I'm still working on improving my photography, as always. I don't think I'm limited by my camera technique, which I think is competent, nor by my equipment, which is serviceable. I think that sometimes my post-processing limits the quality of my pictures, but that is a tool I know how to improve. The biggest limiter is not knowing my vision. From what I've read, this is probably also the hardest to understand because it is so ephemeral, and so difficult to describe, difficult to know. "I like it" and "I don't like it" are really a quite coarse course to take toward knowing how to make the pictures I want to, when I see something I like.

Sometimes the subjects I want to shoot are just simple things, and after I get the picture into Lightroom, they seem very ho-hum, serviceable, but not moving. Do all of my pictures need to be moving? I don't think so, though those are more satisfying. Other times I think I do find a moving subject, or I finally see it, and then the picture is great. I'd like to see those more often. Even sometimes I think I don't know how far I can push the picture and still have it be a workable image. That I think is one of my post-processing limits. One thing that I've heard some photographers talk about is 'shoot the light', I think I'm still working on doing that.

I'll keep working at it, and hopefully I'll see some more improvement. I'll let you know when I feel like I've learned something. I do think that getting a tripod later this summer will be an evolutionary step forward.