January 15, 2012


January 15, 2012

This picture goes back to last June. I was motivated to wade through all the pictures I took of this picture by the idea of playing around with it in LR4 beta. It was pretty fun.


Nevada Sunset

Carson City, NV (2011)

I had taken a similar photo on a different day when the sunset wasn't so dramatic, but the trees and hill still really said something to me:

Sunset Over Toiyabe

Sunset over Toiyabe

Picking that second picture was much easier, the situation was pretty static, so I framed a couple of pictures, pressed the shutter and was done. That was it.

The next day there were some clouds, I headed out, stood there, and literally took over 100 pictures. I just kept shooting, and the clouds and light kept changing. It was great! When I got back to my computer, I had a ton of pictures to pic through, and they all looked good, just a little different. So which one do I pick? That would be why I haven't put up a picture of it yet. That, and the whole "don't over do the sunsets (or flowers) thing". Sunsets are great, everyone loves sunsets, but it does get a little boring when all you see is pictures of sunsets. So I try to only do a couple a year. That is, put pictures up. I make pictures of sunsets and sunrises as often as I can! But only I get to see those....

Enjoy that top picture, it'll be a while before I put up another sunset...